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My younger sister and I are the only grandchildren of my grandfather, Ronnie. He loved to watch Dennis the Menace with us and watch us perform at dance competitions and recitals. He also loved to hear me sing and was my biggest fan. At age five, I recorded a solo album which he loved and played for everyone. At age ten, I sang at his funeral and placed that album in his hands just before his burial at the cemetery. After experiencing a serious back injury some years earlier, my grandfather became addicted to prescription Fentanyl which led to his death from an overdose. Sadly, he was not the only person in my life to develop an addiction to drugs nor to die from a drug related overdose.

I am a Senior at the University of Mississippi where I am the captain of the Ole Miss Rebelette dance team and pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science with a minor is sociology.  I will be applying for law school in 2023 to begin my career as a civil rights attorney.

Coming from a family with drug, alcohol, and prescription pill addiction on both my mother's and father's sides, I began advocating for drug and alcohol addiction prevention and awareness. In 2021, I created the initiative, Attacking Addiction, to help combat the problems associated with addiction.  This initiative is to be used as a tool for teaching others about how to prevent addiction, the warning signs of addiction, and how to seek help to fight addiction.


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