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"There are 25 million Americans living in long-term recovery

from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.”

— U.S. Surgeon General

Attacking Addiction is rallying the nation to show everyone in recovery that they are supported and not alone in their journey. Taking the AAA Pledge means showing your support and sharing with family, friends and those in your community why becoming a recovery ally is a crucial way to create national support for all in recovery. Those in recovery deserve to know that we believe in their long term recovery, even when they aren’t ready to believe in it themselves. When you take the pledge you show others that you believe in the power of recovery and human connection.


yourself with resources for addiction and familiarize yourself with the warning signs of addiction 



be an advocate for your friends and family when they are struggling with addiction.

Provide them with a safe space and support network to help them recover.



that addiction is a disease that we can combat as a community

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Use the graphic and hashtags below and post on social media to show your support as an ally!





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